Winter Storage

It’s always tough finding a place for winter storage. I like to have access around the clock and not pay an exorbitant amount. There are a limited number of yards that will let you do all of your own work

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Hurricane Sandy

Ben-Varrey Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit shortly after Ben-Varrey was moved up Narragansett Bay for winter storage. With hauling backed up, Ben-Varrey was not pulled out of the water on time and rode out the storm in the water. Winstead’s Marina kindly offered

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A Short Fall Season

Ben-Varrey Fall Cruising

Having arrived in the Northeast in early October, there isn’t much season left. That’s not to say you can’t sail year round. I do (frostbiting out of Newport Yacht Club). However, it is a better time to get work done

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An Amazing Trip up the Coast

Ben-Varrey Dolphin

Departing a few hours before sunset, we had to keep a good watch for ship traffic in Delaware Bay. With a draft of only five feet, it was safer to skirt the edge of the channel and stay clear. Even

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The Delivery Back Home

Ben-Varry Delaware City

310+ NM… not a bad warm on this boat. The Delaware Bay offers protection for the first 50 nm, and then it is off into the Atlantic. Although we have thoroughly inspected the boat, performed maintenance to critical components, and

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Delaware City, Delaware

The adventure begins… after a long time searching, I finally found a Luders 33 at an affordable price. Would this be the boat? Without a doubt! Within less than two weeks of discovering her in a classified ad, I was

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